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to grassroots development issues. The topics of research that are favored to be eligible must be related to the causes of and/or solutions to gender inequity in the developing

make a duct tape dress form: This type of form is quick and easy to make and is fairly inexpensive. How to make a paper mache dress form that

your paper boat a bubble print effect: mix some paint, washing up liquid, and water in a cup (be sure to use non-toxic paints for this activity). Remember the

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Field Theory - the first 50 years" July 29-31, 2009, Courant Research Center, University of Goettingen, Satellite conference. Member of the selection panel for a Full Professor at the
Wisconsin. She was born in Rockford, Illinois on June 29, 1858, and her father William Lathrop was a successful lawyer and politician who helped establish the Republican Party....